Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wiww...preschool drop off!

I'm among the many who've been inspired to document {for fun} outfits that I do have as a reminder for those days when I want to say "I have nothing to wear"...that I actually do have something to wear!

 It does seem a little silly to get all dolled up for pre-school drop off, but it proved beneficial when I wanted to run an errand after I dropped one of the midgies off (yep one in pre-school the other in pre-k)!! I love my little midgies..they get me out of the house!

 So go ahead and make fun...I think it's a little silly too but I was dressed & clean each morning this week and that's sometimes an accomplishment for a stay home momma!

I'm linking up to Lindsey's Blog so check it out & see where this craziness all started and also the fun items she sells!

   pleated poppy

           Everything old navy except jeans F21 &  the boots (Macy's?)that were a gift from my momma!

Today was an attempt at stripes & patterns.
Striped shirt GAP, Floral cardi Target, Jeans- Vigoss and flats..Target!
(I hate socks and would love it if it never rained and I didn't have to wear socks ever ...I'm going to milk the last few days of dry weather by not wearing socks!)

My absolute favorite of the week...crazy hair night at AWANA! Look at those lil posers! Love em! (crazy hair courtesy of the goodwill was brand new & packaged so don't get your panties in a wad & worried about lice.) :)


  1. You are so cute, Jeanna! And, BRAVE too! I have thought about doing this, but haven't had the courage yet! WAY to go, girl! You are one hot mamma!

  2. are too it with me so I don't feel like a dork!

  3. I love the patterned cardigan- that is such a cool look and great mix of patterns!
    I remember those pre-school drop off days. There was one mom there who always looked amazing! I always wondered if she got up at 5:00 am or what her secret was! After her 4th child- she started showing up in sweats like the rest of us- LOL!

  4. You just made my day by being so funny and so cute! Oh, and it's about time you posted ;p
    I love the stripes & patterns outfit. Don't tell our mothers that I drop the kids off at school in my pjs. And since they both read this, I guess I just told them. Don't worry - I never forget my cell phone b/c if I get a flat tire or something, I'm not getting out of the car...I'm calling Mike!!