Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIWW Christmas Confessions

First off, I’m so excited to watch my 5year old perform as Joseph in the Christmas play today. I have not seen his costume or a rehearsal, but I’m excited, this is the first “big gig” in our family. Yes It’s probably only going to be about 15min long, it is preschool after all!
So on to my confessions…..I cannot keep secrets and if I know there is a gift hidden in the house for me, then I cannot wait. I must find it!!!  I’ve had this problem since I was a kid, I remember getting up one Christmas before everyone and sneaking  a peak at the Christmas gifts…because in our house usually the big gifts were left unwrapped.  For several  years I convinced my sister that we should show our gifts to each other, but act surprised on Christmas morning.  She went for it!  And I have done the dreaded find a wrapped gift and slightly unwrap the end to   get a sneak peak, then tape it back together. There I’ve said it all and now I feel better!
I’m linking up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for some accountability….to get out of exercise pants and get a real outfit on in the morning! So check out her blog for tons of fun fashion inspiration!
pleated poppy

Top is target…the sweater (old navy) was about to go in the goodwill pile, but it made a comeback. I’ve noticed that I wear tons of gray & blue so I’m trying to break out of my own mold with the cream sweater…I know right…big risky move!   I stayed home this day and wore my croc flip flops because our tile floor is frigid and my feet will go numb if I don’t wear shoes on it.
I know you didn’t want to see this pic, but notice my polish is the perfect chippy-ness that my shelf also is in my last post ! Maybe chippy nailpolish will be cool someday….not really…I can't think of anyone would buy the “aged toenail” look. We’ll just keep that trend on the furniture.

 Here’s what I wore to preschool drop-off, ran errands & played matchbox cars on the living room floor in!
Top: Nordies (thanks momma), White tank Nordies,  jeans  forever 21, black boots target a couple of years old.
Oh & there is a lil person standing right behind me…his sweats are black so it’s hard to tell…but he’s there!
Here is the lil bit of fun to this Gray long-sleeved top and a skillful backwards shot. I really need to use the self timer.
I know breaking out of my hum drum boring shirt phase.
On my way out to Italian with some fun girlies! This outfit came from my mom, on our black Friday shopping  trip she told me everyone needs a sparklie shirt and so I left with a sparklie tank & a cute sweater that I wear all the time! Thanks mom for spoiling me.
Sweater (was made in the USA by cotton emporium, love that!) , sparklie & tank underneath  all three from Nordstroms
I don’t think that pic showed enough sparkle

My fun ring was a JoAnn’s  purchase. They have tons of ring bases & toppers you can mix & match. It was under $5.00…just had to glue it together with a lil E-6000
Here’s a close up

So from my night out with the Ladies…I came home with this super cute Yellow Jacket from my friend Devon! She said it was a black friday deal and she bought 8 of I scored! (on the friend & jacket!)
The scarf was on my wish list for Christmas, I’ve pinned it and dreamed about it. Okay maybe not dreamed about it, but I knew it would look good with the yellow jacket. Tim & I were out Christmas shopping and he bought it for me to be unwrapped at Christmas. (Notice the tag still on it!) But I was with him while we shopped so I kinda think it could be okay to wear it this once & put it back. He's on the phone...I think I'm telling him how cute that scarf will look with my jacket.:)

Biting my lip....I am Guilty & Smitten the coat & scarf were meant to be together! Love my scarf Tim!


  1. Fabulous scarf! I've wanted a yellow coat for the longest time, but my coat closet is pretty full as it is. As soon as one of my coats "doesn't fit" anymore, yellow is next on my list!

  2. What a cute post!! When I was growing up, I did the same thing.

    My parents were always up really late wrapping gifts the night before, so were guaranteed to sleep soundly until my sister and I hounded them awake. So first, we'd wander around the living room a couple of times, noticing everything that wasn't wrapped, and then, we'd peer at all the gift tags to see how many we were getting.

    For some reason, now, though, I have no problem with waiting. I even bought myself a Kindle Fire & am thinking about waiting until Christmas to open it, to heighten the anticipation.

    But I love the gifts you have modeled for us! All of your outfits look great. Every time I found a "favorite" to comment on, I saw another great one. So they're all my faves :).

    Followed you here from WIWW.


  3. HOly adorable!!!! I love the coat and scarf too! What a sweet blog, I'm glad I found another country girl!! :) Happy Christmas to you and yours!!

  4. Thanks Ladies for stopping in from WIWW! I love getting inspiration from all of the outfits there!

    Jeanine, you are strong girl...I don't think I could wait to open the Kindle fire!