Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well I’m joining in on the craziness at the pleated poppy for what I wore Wednesday….it’s basically accountability for mommas to get outta exercise pants and take the time to put an outfit together…when I do take the time I feel a little more complete and ready to take on the day!

pleated poppy

Here is an outfit I’m in all too often, but at least I’m outta my sweaty workout pants & sports bra!
"why am I doing this?"

Black pants a gift from my MIL…thanks Ann they are super comfy! Boots & pants Nordies, shirt & scarf Old navy…pasty white skin…courtesy of Northwest Weather!
My old navy super clearance scarf…another stocking stuffer to myself, I know it sounds bad, but sometimes our husbands need a little help!
I really like shirts that have some detail on the back …this one was a gift from Tim apparently I was wrong….this guy didn’t need help!
Now I’m pretty sure I saw a bird just fly outta that nest of a hair-do!! I said I got dressed…I didn’t say that I did my hair today!
I’ve been in my running shoes a lot lately…aiming for another 5k, I was hoping for March, but I may be better prepared if I push it out to April. Oh crap why am I saying this…I’m really going to have to do it now!  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i think you look effortlessly chic! love the blouse--especially the back. i'm a stripe lover!

  2. I love the outfit! So cute! I guess all the Carlsen girls have some fashion sense!!! :)

  3. Love the mix of colors and that blue scarf! Adorable and comfy...gotta love that. We have hens too! And fresh eggs. Yummy.