Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Hello friends and family, I did a terrible job trying to get Christmas cards out, so this year's card is an update & pics on the blog! Bear with me, the pics are not the best!

I've decorated our outdoor fireplace since we don't have one inside...

an old red gate from our barn

 That lil North Pole sign  is a piece from a broken picket fence I found & painted. The sign found its way to the front door on the antique chicken carrier. Speaking of chickens, we've adopted 2 more hens...which brings us back to 8 and that makes a few more eggs for us yipee!

We had a great time at the Family Farm in Graham picking out & cutting our own tree. All proceeds from tree sales go to purchase food to be shipped out through the organization Feed My Starving Children .

L&L ran around in the "tree maze" playing hide and seek, then we attempted a Christmas card photo and here's what we got.........

then I attempted a cool montage Christmas card....
Awesome! Yes! Finally I got it right......all but the Snyder "Eamily" so I kept it to share with all of you, because I'm just not perfect ....but I'm perfectly happy being the Snyder Eamily mom!:)

We had a great year of firsts!
First ....
year of Kindergarten, ballet, soccer, 6 day motorcycle man-trip, running a 1/2 marathon, and first tooth loss!

The tooth fairy came and left $5.00! She would have left a dollar, but when the midgies loose their teeth right before bedtime they get what's in the tooth fairy wallet...and there were no 1's.

 I almost forgot our very own Lydia was Mary in the Pre-School Christmas Play!

That's all for now......

Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bedroom blues...

During thing 2's naptime yesterday I broke out a can of paint & spruced up our little bedroom. I stole furniture, pillows, frames name it all from other rooms and it turned out pretty cute!
(all the other rooms are now naked, but what the hey!)
I'm hoping Tim will get on board with my idea for batten board on the lil blue stay tuned!

here are a few close ups..

So there you have it, it's a lil room packed with character. I painted the wall on a whim the paint was leftover from my blue door that you can read about here. I started out just checking to see if I liked the paint with just a can & a brush and I'm so impatient that i painted the whole wall with the brush! Who does that? I'm a dork....I found out later that we actually have rollers & pads in the shop...again I was too impatient to even look! Tomorrow I'll give it a 2nd coat of paint the right way!

The vintage suitcases & trunk came from Tim's grandparents. The trunk went on a roadtrip with the Snyders  I believe 1912 and has an original sticker from the trip I can partially read Ft. Wayne Indiana. I'll have to get the deets from my father in law on the trip ...pretty sure he has pics!

The only thing purchased for the bedroom recently was the casual bedding from target...on clearance! I'm so proud...was $89.99!!! Woot Woot!

Happy Wednesday!