Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A lil Twisp!

Wrappin up the summer fun, here are a few pics from a cute lil B&B in Twisp of all places…who stays in a town called Twisp? Apparently we do when we are on a motorcycle for 165 miles and Twisp is as far as I can make it for the day! I liked this B&B because it was clean, uncluttered and sweet, but with a twisp!

This door just makes me smile, surrounded by all the crisp white this baby shines!
hmm...makes me want to paint something & sand it down!

Who doesn’t love to sit on a big ole porch, I just about fell asleep on the swing in the evening…pretty quiet in Twisp except for the occasional Harley.
And here’s the Twisp….
The B&B owner had recently taken up iron working and repurposing found objects, this back yard art was an unexpected surprise!
 Tim waiting patiently for me as I searched for antlers in the woods!
Happy Trails To You!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

let's talk manners....

Our fam has been working on table manners, ie: don't talk while eating, don't smack your lips while chewing (yuk) and wait your turn to talk at the dinner table. Pretty simple, yet I catch myself yelling across the table "close your mouth while you chew" all the while I've got an unfinished bite in my own mouth Yikes ( I quickly close my own mouth hoping the midgies at the table won't notice.)

Well, recently the midgies and I were excited to see the sunshine in the morning so of course we decided we were in need of a breakfast picnic....lets call it "breaknic"  with coffee, yogurt and a lil bible story on Samson (boys dig this story) anywho I was feeling very proud of our little house on the prairie moment when we were rudely interrupted by members of our family that lack manners....

Rule # 163:
 Never lick the bowl clean
 Lu Lu & Sweetie Bird

Rule # 349:
No Double Dipping
Lu Lu was offended by the double dip so she took off.

Happy Manners To You!