Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A lil Twisp!

Wrappin up the summer fun, here are a few pics from a cute lil B&B in Twisp of all places…who stays in a town called Twisp? Apparently we do when we are on a motorcycle for 165 miles and Twisp is as far as I can make it for the day! I liked this B&B because it was clean, uncluttered and sweet, but with a twisp!

This door just makes me smile, surrounded by all the crisp white this baby shines!
hmm...makes me want to paint something & sand it down!

Who doesn’t love to sit on a big ole porch, I just about fell asleep on the swing in the evening…pretty quiet in Twisp except for the occasional Harley.
And here’s the Twisp….
The B&B owner had recently taken up iron working and repurposing found objects, this back yard art was an unexpected surprise!
 Tim waiting patiently for me as I searched for antlers in the woods!
Happy Trails To You!


  1. We have deer at the beach....therefore we must have sheds. Come see us!

  2. Always love reading your posts, girl! Love all of your pics!

  3. Carrie we do need to come to the beach, the sheds would be a bonus!

  4. My cousin's wife is from Twisp!