Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes...just by chance

So I walked into the tv room to do a few core exercises and that lasted 2min...i had to turn on the tv and happened upon the Golden Globes at 9:40pm so it's probably half over by now, anywho here are my thoughts!

Madona? Smashy boob dress…ooh but it’s pretty when you see the whole dress, so love it aside from the smashy boobs.

Old lady with the open back dress…not such a good idea (sorry didn’t catch her name)

Claire Danes…beautifully spoken

Matt LeBlanc , wow he ages handsomely and “thanks to my mom” sweet boy oh wait he’s older than me, I hope. Charming

Bradley Cooper , you’re over rated and unfortunately very attractive.

Octavia Spencer The Help, Yes! Yes! Yes! I loved her character! First thing out of her mouth “Nuts” cracked me up! ” thanks to table 10”, that was smart.

Commercial. Sears Appliances……thinking how thankful I am my hubby fixed our dryer this week…but still drooling over a fancy front loader.

Wow, I am a stay at home mom.

Reese Witherspoon is she trying to act like a showgirl? Still beautiful.

Sidney …lots of standing people lots of clapping (he’s thinkin it’s way past my bedtime) and reading a teleprompter very …slowly …much like a certain President. I can say that…it’s my blog. Ha.

Morgan freeman has looked the same for eva

Helen, Morgan isn’t laughing. It’s also past his bedtime. Wow he is talented though. Bruce Almighty must be his most proud moment. I kid. I wish he were my Grandpa, I think he’d tell some great stories.

Oh Lord, he was paying attention to Helen. Quick witted. They love him…they won’t play the music to boot this guy he’s just going to talk & talk

Camera pan to Brad, wow that’s a lot of hair

Commercial, gotta pee

Oops came back a lil late I grabbed some chips…organic though

Downey, I just can’t like that guy since his arrest forever ago with a prostitute.

Angelina, she would make a good bobble head doll. Big head, lil body. Man I’m mean tonight.

Martin, wow your wife is wearing a crazy big purple heartish necklace. Maybe a sea anemone?


Selma wild top geometric thing …boobs are spillin out in case you didn’t notice

Modern family…I hope they let the young kid talk
Oh a whole lotta Spanish… move over …lets hear the kid…really that was the speech?

Wait she’s in the commercial too!

Oh no I had a crying kiddo upstairs 10ish min later & an orange because I’m feelin guilty about the chips……..I come back to find a dog dancing on stage..not sure what that’s about

Natalie Portman, you're right she's a mom she deserves an award!

Oh I forgot I do like Brad Pitt, I forgive you for the lions mane…..I loved money ball….and you didn’t get it so sorry. George Clooney, bad nude golfing joke

My orange was a real lemon…back to the chips & not guilty because the orange was no good.

And Best Motion Picture Drama…The Descendants. Hmm guess I better read some reviews on that one because I’ve obviously missed the boat.:) George Clooney is the Morgan Freeman of White men, he looks the same for eva just a lil more grey

And it’s over. Put the chips away…do it now!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year & New Life....or so I thought!

Earlier this week,  we decided to head down to the creek to check out the spawning fish I’d heard about. I guess I had the term confused with hatching fish or baby fish swimming around all cute in a lil pool of water. No, spawning meaning: laying eggs and dying and big ole salmon dead all over the creek bed and the overwhelming oh so horrid stench.  Wasn’t planning on teaching this circle of life lesson to my kids today. 

 We watched this big guy struggle up stream, take breaks & charge up stream again ...I found myself cheering out loud for him each time he made it through another obstacle.

We checked out the fish hatchery and it just happened to be feeding time, you can hear Levi amazed at the crazy response the fish have to food.

Of course we jumped in lots of puddles..that's what boots were made for right?

Happy Friday, Get Outside!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

life interrupted

Written on 1/1/12.....
Okay so I attempted to bring my best today since it's New Years day, but plans were thwarted and well, life happened.
 First let me tell ya a little about our morning.
 This morning my husband, Tim,  helped out in kindergarten Sunday school at church with me. Tim sat around a table with 10 lil kiddos and colored pics of baby Jesus …he ate fruit loops with the kids & literally sat in a little kid chair that was obviously way too small for him. The lil people giggled as he colored & stacked his fruit loops in the tallest tower. They had no idea what he would be doing later that day.  As I type this he is on a SWAT call …a man hunt if you will, in the woods…searching for a murderer. And those lil kids had no idea they were sitting next to a super hero this morning, well, our family’s super hero.
 He didn’t have to do anything heroic it turned out, but he was prepared to. Without a doubt he was created for his job. Sometimes I take his confidence for granted and I don’t worry so much about him. I even forget to pray for him at times. Sunday I didn't forget to pray along with many of our family & friends for his safety as well as the safety of so many people on Mt. Rainier. We are so blessed!
As the day wore on & turned into night…I worried and wondered and prayed. I thought of the many military wives that have to push through this stage of not knowing if their loved one is okay and deal with life for a year at a time without their spouses. What a wimp I am. I do like to think I kept my cool, but I was worried. I didn’t realize how affected I was until he came home and gave me the details...(which we all know is about 1/16 of the info you would get out of a woman) then…..I fell asleep. My body shut down as if to say your job is done you’ve used your whole battery now plug in before you lose all your data & memory and a catastrophic coma comes over you.
Life was momemtarily interrupted, I'm thankful for the interruption (of course now that Tim's home safe) because it was a good reminder that this life is short and I should be grateful to God for the people in my life. 
 It's obvious now that I don't have the gift of unworry ( i did make that up)  it’s the gift my husband has of being good at his job that helps me not to worry on the regular days. It’s the crazies in the world that cause the swat team to assemble that make me worry.
 A big thank you to all our family & friends who pray for Tim's safety on the "regular" days too, it means so much to me!