Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year & New Life....or so I thought!

Earlier this week,  we decided to head down to the creek to check out the spawning fish I’d heard about. I guess I had the term confused with hatching fish or baby fish swimming around all cute in a lil pool of water. No, spawning meaning: laying eggs and dying and big ole salmon dead all over the creek bed and the overwhelming oh so horrid stench.  Wasn’t planning on teaching this circle of life lesson to my kids today. 

 We watched this big guy struggle up stream, take breaks & charge up stream again ...I found myself cheering out loud for him each time he made it through another obstacle.

We checked out the fish hatchery and it just happened to be feeding time, you can hear Levi amazed at the crazy response the fish have to food.

Of course we jumped in lots of puddles..that's what boots were made for right?

Happy Friday, Get Outside!

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