Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bedroom blues...

During thing 2's naptime yesterday I broke out a can of paint & spruced up our little bedroom. I stole furniture, pillows, frames name it all from other rooms and it turned out pretty cute!
(all the other rooms are now naked, but what the hey!)
I'm hoping Tim will get on board with my idea for batten board on the lil blue stay tuned!

here are a few close ups..

So there you have it, it's a lil room packed with character. I painted the wall on a whim the paint was leftover from my blue door that you can read about here. I started out just checking to see if I liked the paint with just a can & a brush and I'm so impatient that i painted the whole wall with the brush! Who does that? I'm a dork....I found out later that we actually have rollers & pads in the shop...again I was too impatient to even look! Tomorrow I'll give it a 2nd coat of paint the right way!

The vintage suitcases & trunk came from Tim's grandparents. The trunk went on a roadtrip with the Snyders  I believe 1912 and has an original sticker from the trip I can partially read Ft. Wayne Indiana. I'll have to get the deets from my father in law on the trip ...pretty sure he has pics!

The only thing purchased for the bedroom recently was the casual bedding from target...on clearance! I'm so proud...was $89.99!!! Woot Woot!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well I’m joining in on the craziness at the pleated poppy for what I wore Wednesday….it’s basically accountability for mommas to get outta exercise pants and take the time to put an outfit together…when I do take the time I feel a little more complete and ready to take on the day!

pleated poppy

Here is an outfit I’m in all too often, but at least I’m outta my sweaty workout pants & sports bra!
"why am I doing this?"

Black pants a gift from my MIL…thanks Ann they are super comfy! Boots & pants Nordies, shirt & scarf Old navy…pasty white skin…courtesy of Northwest Weather!
My old navy super clearance scarf…another stocking stuffer to myself, I know it sounds bad, but sometimes our husbands need a little help!
I really like shirts that have some detail on the back …this one was a gift from Tim apparently I was wrong….this guy didn’t need help!
Now I’m pretty sure I saw a bird just fly outta that nest of a hair-do!! I said I got dressed…I didn’t say that I did my hair today!
I’ve been in my running shoes a lot lately…aiming for another 5k, I was hoping for March, but I may be better prepared if I push it out to April. Oh crap why am I saying this…I’m really going to have to do it now!  

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Rotten Truth

We lost “sister”, one of our hens last week, it was sad….but we got over it real quick. I know, doesn’t that sound mean?
After losing Trigger, our dog about a year ago, I decided not to get too attached to another animal and so that’s just what I did. We call the hens cute lil names and have fun watching them…but they are each other’s best friends, not us. So when we lost sister, I was sadder for her hen-mates than I was myself. …..
The Rotten Trugh is: Egg production has SLOWED down this week and one of the hens that is laying has a stinky egg….like gag me with a spoon stinky! 1989 flashback.  You know it’s stinky when you crack it, it is odiferous and dry heaving immediately ensues.
 Since the hens are in mourning or in protest for whatever reason, I am embarrassed to say I bought eggs this week. Yes, it’s true.  I was hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew at the store, mainly because I’m pretty proud to be a chicken farmer I feel a little less regular and a lil more like a natural live off the land or little house on the prairie minus the outhouse kind of mom. 

 I did buy organic, free range yadda yadda yadda eggs and my first thought was the color was very strong almost a fake brown orange like they stayed in a tanning bed too long, second the white stuck to the shell and third the yolk was much smaller than ours. Tasted the same though, so there you have it.

The tanning bed “brown” organic cage freee store bought eggs & one of our “brown” (looks more like cream)happy cage free hen eggs.

Another Rotten Truth: When Tim’s not home for dinner, I just don’t cook….it’s cereal night. And I don’t think I’m alone I’m pretty sure women can live on coffee, salad & cereal  but men are a whole different story. Meat in the morning, meat in my hot lunch and Meat with a side of starch for dinner (insert Tim the tool man taylor grunt here). I love to cook for Tim because he pretty much likes every meal that’s hot, but my lil midgies are an easy please dinner crowd….last night I took it a step up from cereal with fruit kabobs & cheese quesadillas. They loved it!  By the way a neighbor gave me new tortillas to try & they are melt in your mouth amazing! Tortilla Land All-Natural fresh un-cooked tortillas, I really like that they are only made with 5 ingredients & they take a short 60 seconds to heat on the stove….soo yummy!
But tonight is a whole different story, my man is home & I’m off to cook with some BEEF…organic beef that is!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in the Saddle..

I've been a lil absent from 8 lil hens and that has been a good thing..I've been spending time in the snow with the kiddos we did survive Snowmageddan, finished the Hunger Games Trilogy & can't wait for the movies!

2012 has brought on a lil change by way of healthy foods in the Snyder home...mostly un-protested, I just can't mess with Tim's cereal or ice cream...both of those things I learned the first week or two of Marriage (nearly 12 years ago), so it's good to know he hasn't changed much!

 Here is my new favorite blog 100 days of real food...this family ate only real foods ...nothing processed for 100 days. Well I won't be trying that, but she has some great meal plans & recipes to share! (I don't think the ritz or kix actually make the cut, but we ate them anyways...I know living on the edge!)

Here is where a big chunk of my interest to eat whole foods comes from ...another blog, but she's actually my fitness instructor for the past 2+ years! In December she mentioned something about Diet Soda and explained how it tricks our body ....I also read an article that my friend Jennifer posted on facebook...yuk I dumped Diet Coke & 4lbs whoohoo! (my friends & family are so tired of hearing this) I had some of Tim's coke yesterday and it tasted like drinking syrup...I don't think I'll go back.

Besides the weight loss...which I think has evened back out ...mainly because I enjoy food...even organic, crunchy granola people I guess moderation is still something i need to work on. Since dumping the big DC and changing to whole/real foods..I actually fall asleep at night easily, I have more energy during the day & my skin seems way softer. I wasn't planning on any of that happening, so big bonus. Plus my kids are offering to do chores & my husband rubs my back & feet every night...kidding! Ahh I can dream.

Here are a few pics of the snow we were blessed with!

8 lil hens surviving in the cold...did you know chickens actually will do well in  freezing temps?

 the girls view from the barn

Welcoming February & so thankful for the sunshine today....promises of Spring are in the air, Happy Wednesday!