Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in the Saddle..

I've been a lil absent from 8 lil hens and that has been a good thing..I've been spending time in the snow with the kiddos we did survive Snowmageddan, finished the Hunger Games Trilogy & can't wait for the movies!

2012 has brought on a lil change by way of healthy foods in the Snyder home...mostly un-protested, I just can't mess with Tim's cereal or ice cream...both of those things I learned the first week or two of Marriage (nearly 12 years ago), so it's good to know he hasn't changed much!

 Here is my new favorite blog 100 days of real food...this family ate only real foods ...nothing processed for 100 days. Well I won't be trying that, but she has some great meal plans & recipes to share! (I don't think the ritz or kix actually make the cut, but we ate them anyways...I know living on the edge!)

Here is where a big chunk of my interest to eat whole foods comes from ...another blog, but she's actually my fitness instructor for the past 2+ years! In December she mentioned something about Diet Soda and explained how it tricks our body ....I also read an article that my friend Jennifer posted on facebook...yuk I dumped Diet Coke & 4lbs whoohoo! (my friends & family are so tired of hearing this) I had some of Tim's coke yesterday and it tasted like drinking syrup...I don't think I'll go back.

Besides the weight loss...which I think has evened back out ...mainly because I enjoy food...even organic, crunchy granola people I guess moderation is still something i need to work on. Since dumping the big DC and changing to whole/real foods..I actually fall asleep at night easily, I have more energy during the day & my skin seems way softer. I wasn't planning on any of that happening, so big bonus. Plus my kids are offering to do chores & my husband rubs my back & feet every night...kidding! Ahh I can dream.

Here are a few pics of the snow we were blessed with!

8 lil hens surviving in the cold...did you know chickens actually will do well in  freezing temps?

 the girls view from the barn

Welcoming February & so thankful for the sunshine today....promises of Spring are in the air, Happy Wednesday!

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