Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Rotten Truth

We lost “sister”, one of our hens last week, it was sad….but we got over it real quick. I know, doesn’t that sound mean?
After losing Trigger, our dog about a year ago, I decided not to get too attached to another animal and so that’s just what I did. We call the hens cute lil names and have fun watching them…but they are each other’s best friends, not us. So when we lost sister, I was sadder for her hen-mates than I was myself. …..
The Rotten Trugh is: Egg production has SLOWED down this week and one of the hens that is laying has a stinky egg….like gag me with a spoon stinky! 1989 flashback.  You know it’s stinky when you crack it, it is odiferous and dry heaving immediately ensues.
 Since the hens are in mourning or in protest for whatever reason, I am embarrassed to say I bought eggs this week. Yes, it’s true.  I was hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew at the store, mainly because I’m pretty proud to be a chicken farmer I feel a little less regular and a lil more like a natural live off the land or little house on the prairie minus the outhouse kind of mom. 

 I did buy organic, free range yadda yadda yadda eggs and my first thought was the color was very strong almost a fake brown orange like they stayed in a tanning bed too long, second the white stuck to the shell and third the yolk was much smaller than ours. Tasted the same though, so there you have it.

The tanning bed “brown” organic cage freee store bought eggs & one of our “brown” (looks more like cream)happy cage free hen eggs.

Another Rotten Truth: When Tim’s not home for dinner, I just don’t cook….it’s cereal night. And I don’t think I’m alone I’m pretty sure women can live on coffee, salad & cereal  but men are a whole different story. Meat in the morning, meat in my hot lunch and Meat with a side of starch for dinner (insert Tim the tool man taylor grunt here). I love to cook for Tim because he pretty much likes every meal that’s hot, but my lil midgies are an easy please dinner crowd….last night I took it a step up from cereal with fruit kabobs & cheese quesadillas. They loved it!  By the way a neighbor gave me new tortillas to try & they are melt in your mouth amazing! Tortilla Land All-Natural fresh un-cooked tortillas, I really like that they are only made with 5 ingredients & they take a short 60 seconds to heat on the stove….soo yummy!
But tonight is a whole different story, my man is home & I’m off to cook with some BEEF…organic beef that is!

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  1. i would like to hear what Treva has to say about your hens & their lack of good eggs? We
    need to hear the stinken truth!!! HaHa