Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hen Hiney!

Our lil hens have some hay to scratch in their lil yard now and they ARE happy! So I thought it would be a good photo opp...but apparently they don't like the paparazzi because all I could get were pics of Hen Hiney!

I tried whistling to get their attention

Isn't that the fluffiest lil bum you've seen?

 Butt they just wouldn't look at the camera (butt...get it?;)

Gordie seems to have missed out on the fun in the yard....when you gotta gotta lay!

In other news, I've had plans for these old guys for some time...

I'm working on plan "A" and there is a good chance I'll have to resort to plan "B" and there may possibly be a chainsaw involved.

oh but not what you're thinking chainsaw art like you see on the side of the road. I'll leave that to the professionals!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

This old Bench

 This old bench has family history! In the photo below (taken in about 1955) is Tim's Great Grandpa, George Snyder on his farm in Indiana.  George was a farmer of crops, cows & pigs (sounds like a lil of everything ;)

George Snyder with dog "Jack"

 Grandpa John Snyder on the same bench, outside his hen house in 2002

Tim's grandpa, John, was a tool and dye maker and had a Great old home in Indiana. The two times I visited, I recall seeing Tim's Grandpa sitting on this bench & thinking how sweet it was (he & the lil bench). Also on those visits I had a hard time sleeping....because I was imagining all of the ways I would paint & decorate his house!  After the sale of his home, the bench ended up being stored in the loft of our barn....I just couldn't let it sit up there all's just too sweet! Someday soon it will be outside my father in laws' house, but for now... I love the history & love that it's sitting in our sunroom!

Curious about that Great old house? You can view renovated photos at ...  it's now used for parties & events.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I did....and it was Good!

I did sneak away this morning with my favorite Junk partner, my momma! We went to the Funky Junk Sisters Event in Puyallup.....and found ourselves some goood junk!
I'm learning that if you like something you've got to just buy it, don't come back to it later because it will be in someone else's hot lil hands!  I grabbed a cool vintage milk crate and there were soo many things I'm kicking myself for not buying. Thankfully I'm planning to hit the Farm Chicks show in June with Kelly Harper will be my 4th Junk show so I should be a pro by then...ready to pull the trigger!

4th Ave Gals were there with a Great Booth, actually this is where i made my junk purchase! Mom snapped a pic of their super sweet lemonade stand.

Lovin the lil boxwood plant shaped into a CHICKEN!!!

This may or may not be a vintage milk crate...I'll have to check with my grandpa on that one, he was a milkman back in the day. Either way it's a great size & it's rusty, so it's good Junk!

My mom (youngest in the front), my aunts & uncle in front of Grandpas Milk truck in the late 50's .  

So many uses....I'm liking it as a cookbook holder &  having them out on the table will remind me to make a yummy dinner for my lil fam!

 Some of our neighbors stopped in to visit this evening... as I proudly showed off my new purchase, the un-named neighbor's eyes glazed over and his face read "she paid for a piece of junk?"
Yes, yes I did... and I love it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

teeny weeny itsy bitsy lil polka dot...egg!

Yesterday one of the girls layed the cutest lil egg, I just had to share some's hardly bigger than a grape!
Here is the tiny lil thing among some monster eggs. The egg crate is a favorite gift I received for Christmas from Crate & Barrel.

Oooh here is a super cute egg crate you can find at NEED this!

My 5 yr old modeling the itty bitty with a monster egg!

        Any guess as to what is inside that tiny egg??????

No Yolking's all egg white!

There are a few names given to no-yolkers....."dwarf", "wind" and.....wait for it....."fart" (of course that one is our family favorite). The fart egg is usually produced by a young hen whose production has just started. Our hens have layed about 3 fart eggs over the past year as well as 3 "jumbo eggs" of which 2 had double yolks.   I hope you enjoyed your EGG  Fact Friday!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking a Chance on Blue

 Today I’m taking a chance on blue… I'm usually all about green..but I have a new love for all things blue.
 I'm painting my front door BLUE. Thankfully I can paint right over it if I decide I don’t like it in say...  3 months which is my average for liking just about anything decor related. (It’s a curse I received from my mom:)
Decisions Decisions.....paint samples, my rug & favorite new blue thingy...
hmm looks a little gray in this pic...but it's actualy a nice blue..go figure!

And here she is after…I am satisfied. I’ll enjoy looking at this pic in a few days when my little chair is covered with laundry and nerf bullets are suctioned to the freshly painted door.

and here's the door silly do I feel talking about a door, but it truly is more fun to look at now!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Antler Envy

I would really love to have some Antler sheds sitting on my coffee table in the living room....or a whole wall of Antlers and maybe a Moose head or some cool horns. So I guess you could say...I have Antler Envy!

After reading an article in a Magazine last year I made my own deer head complete with Antlers found in my own backyard! This was a fun quirky project that I made LAST SUMMER...yep and I'm just now hanging it up!
But are some great Antler & Horn inspirations for you to enjoy!

                                            Restoration Hardware

Bull Head - Small

.....and a few Bulls from Ballard Designs, I'm liking the sea grass & basket weave look!

Roadkill Antlers, donated by my neighbor ...whew boy did they smell while I boiled them!

As I boiled away, some of the unwanted hair was carried via steam throughout my kitchen it was quite the mess and stunk pretty bad, but soo worth it! Here they are on the shelf in our living room.

  Reindeer Antlers are sold for only 9.99 at target can you believe it??
Product Image

 Okay homemade Antlers are a little comical, but I think they're cute! Check out below...

The deer head is made from all kinds of creative things (junk) that I could cover with paper mache, pretty simple. How about those Antlers? Sticks off the trees in the yard!

 ........and here he is paired with a few family photos to complete the hallway!

P.S. for those of you wondering....I did throw away the pan that I boiled the Antlers in!!
The paper mache antler project was found in the BH&G Special Interest Fall 2010 issue!

my 8 lil hens!

Here are my girls...somehow they became the inspiration to naming my blog! Last Mother's day My husband, kids & I all took a trip to Dells (our farm supply store) and there we picked out my Mother's day gifts, all eight of them! Here are a few pics of the girls, they certainly brighten my day and are pretty simple to care for! Their names are Big Momma, Chicken Nugget, LuLu, Auntie Bub, Sweetie-bird, Sister, Blueberry & Gordie. Big Momma was the largest when we bought them, but she has been out-grown and is probably the smallest now.

Here are too many pics of my peeps enjoy!

Chicken Nugget, isn't she cute?

All the little Peeps just hanging out!

It's moving day, the girls are moving out of the house to their own the barn!

My husband Tim added chicken wire to a stall in the barn to make it safe for the little chicks, he was able to use old laying boxes  from a delapidated  hen-house left on our property when we bought it. There are about 10 boxes for the hens to lay in, often we find 3 or so eggs all in the same box...if it's really cold, they all will lay in the same box because it's already warm!

 Gordie, she was the lucky hen chosen as show & tell  for Preschool!

Happy Chicks heading out of their yard for some free time!

Chicken Run!

Not so Big Momma

Dyed eggs left by the Easter Bunny. We've also had white eggs left for us on April fools! We have fun neighbors!!