Saturday, May 14, 2011

I did....and it was Good!

I did sneak away this morning with my favorite Junk partner, my momma! We went to the Funky Junk Sisters Event in Puyallup.....and found ourselves some goood junk!
I'm learning that if you like something you've got to just buy it, don't come back to it later because it will be in someone else's hot lil hands!  I grabbed a cool vintage milk crate and there were soo many things I'm kicking myself for not buying. Thankfully I'm planning to hit the Farm Chicks show in June with Kelly Harper will be my 4th Junk show so I should be a pro by then...ready to pull the trigger!

4th Ave Gals were there with a Great Booth, actually this is where i made my junk purchase! Mom snapped a pic of their super sweet lemonade stand.

Lovin the lil boxwood plant shaped into a CHICKEN!!!

This may or may not be a vintage milk crate...I'll have to check with my grandpa on that one, he was a milkman back in the day. Either way it's a great size & it's rusty, so it's good Junk!

My mom (youngest in the front), my aunts & uncle in front of Grandpas Milk truck in the late 50's .  

So many uses....I'm liking it as a cookbook holder &  having them out on the table will remind me to make a yummy dinner for my lil fam!

 Some of our neighbors stopped in to visit this evening... as I proudly showed off my new purchase, the un-named neighbor's eyes glazed over and his face read "she paid for a piece of junk?"
Yes, yes I did... and I love it!

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