Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hen Hiney!

Our lil hens have some hay to scratch in their lil yard now and they ARE happy! So I thought it would be a good photo opp...but apparently they don't like the paparazzi because all I could get were pics of Hen Hiney!

I tried whistling to get their attention

Isn't that the fluffiest lil bum you've seen?

 Butt they just wouldn't look at the camera (butt...get it?;)

Gordie seems to have missed out on the fun in the yard....when you gotta gotta lay!

In other news, I've had plans for these old guys for some time...

I'm working on plan "A" and there is a good chance I'll have to resort to plan "B" and there may possibly be a chainsaw involved.

oh but not what you're thinking chainsaw art like you see on the side of the road. I'll leave that to the professionals!

Happy Wednesday!

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