Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking a Chance on Blue

 Today I’m taking a chance on blue… I'm usually all about green..but I have a new love for all things blue.
 I'm painting my front door BLUE. Thankfully I can paint right over it if I decide I don’t like it in say...  3 months which is my average for liking just about anything decor related. (It’s a curse I received from my mom:)
Decisions Decisions.....paint samples, my rug & favorite new blue thingy...
hmm looks a little gray in this pic...but it's actualy a nice blue..go figure!

And here she is after…I am satisfied. I’ll enjoy looking at this pic in a few days when my little chair is covered with laundry and nerf bullets are suctioned to the freshly painted door.

and here's the door again...how silly do I feel talking about a door, but it truly is more fun to look at now!


  1. hey that was me not my hubby- I wish I lived by ya and we could do these fun innovated home projects together. I am so motivated to do my own decor for our home! Jeanner Beaners your quite the inspiration=)

  2. I LOVE the blue door and how it compliments the white furniture.BEAUTIFUL JOB- I also love the foot stool -was that used by a transfer rub on or a painting technique? It is sooooooo cute!

  3. Dee Dee....it was a Ross find, I didn't make it...I was so excited when I found it though!