Sunday, May 8, 2011

my 8 lil hens!

Here are my girls...somehow they became the inspiration to naming my blog! Last Mother's day My husband, kids & I all took a trip to Dells (our farm supply store) and there we picked out my Mother's day gifts, all eight of them! Here are a few pics of the girls, they certainly brighten my day and are pretty simple to care for! Their names are Big Momma, Chicken Nugget, LuLu, Auntie Bub, Sweetie-bird, Sister, Blueberry & Gordie. Big Momma was the largest when we bought them, but she has been out-grown and is probably the smallest now.

Here are too many pics of my peeps enjoy!

Chicken Nugget, isn't she cute?

All the little Peeps just hanging out!

It's moving day, the girls are moving out of the house to their own the barn!

My husband Tim added chicken wire to a stall in the barn to make it safe for the little chicks, he was able to use old laying boxes  from a delapidated  hen-house left on our property when we bought it. There are about 10 boxes for the hens to lay in, often we find 3 or so eggs all in the same box...if it's really cold, they all will lay in the same box because it's already warm!

 Gordie, she was the lucky hen chosen as show & tell  for Preschool!

Happy Chicks heading out of their yard for some free time!

Chicken Run!

Not so Big Momma

Dyed eggs left by the Easter Bunny. We've also had white eggs left for us on April fools! We have fun neighbors!!

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