Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is coming and soon we'll be getting our camp-on!  I'm looking forward to heading to one of my favorite camping spots that is right near one of my favorite junk spots (how convenient)!

 I bought a few pieces of Crap really neat junk that haven't been touched since I bought them last year about this same time.Yikes! How can I justify buying more junk, if the junk I bought last year is still untouched!!

Yes, I just posted a sideways photo...I think you can get a better view of this piece, maybe it was part of a mantle at one point. I hadn't done anything with it because of the hole in the middle.

I really like the scrolly ends, so the plan has been to make it into a headboard for a bed. But it isn't really long enough, so I painted the bottom half and hung it on the bathroom wall instead.
Now I think I'll add a few towel hooks then demolish & completely remodel the remainder of the bathroom so it will match my new decor! Ha!

 And here I am attempting a "pleated poppy" move for what I wore Wednesday. Okay maybe next Wednesday I'll have something cute to wear & I'll try again!
  My lil one is showing me her painted fingers, aren't they cute?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spa Treatment

It has not been a Glamorous week on the farm.
Tuesday evening I was putting the girls away for the night and noticed Gordie was on the floor and not on the perch like the others. She was squawking and walking funny, well she had fly tape stuck to and wrapped around both of her feet! Fly tape is the worst. Little did she realize she was having a spa treatment called a “wax” and any wanted or unwanted hair in the way would soon be removed with the fly tape…sorry that your first waxing was so traumatic Gordie!
Yesterday LuLu had a lil chicken spa time. She had what my sister calls  “dingleberries” on her bum and they needed to be cleaned off! So off I went to the barn with Gloves a bucket of warm soapy water & TIM!!  Thanks baby for helping me clean the dingleberries…you’re the best! So LuLu had a little soak in the tub and personal scrub and now she’s good for another year! (We all hope!)

Did you know that that 1 cup of cooked egg will provide you with 34% of your daily value of Protein?

waiting for leftover pancakes this morning

A lil 5k run around the field to burn off their pancakes

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chicks on a Roadtrip!

Serena at the farm chicks has kindly shared a linky to my blog!! In celebration of the big event for my lil blog I thought I'd add to my post & share a few more pics of the fabulous vendor displays at the can view other blogs and Serenas blog here!

Check out Kelly's blog here all about the farm chicks with awesome pics (she's an amazing photographer) you'll love her post!

and here is a lil more eye candy for all you junkers!

Seriously, this lady brought a silo.....of course she sold it at the show!

Well, I had the rare opportunity to leave home with an old College roomie to hit the Farm Chicks show over the weekend and lets just say I'll be back (read in Arnold's Terminator voice) and not only that ...I'll bring the truck next time!

Kelly and I drove over on Friday to pre-purchase tickets...what a good plan that was, Saturday the line went as far as my bad eyes could see!

The show opened at 10am...we were in line at 7:30, with coffee, sunshine & so many creative women to chat with...the time flew by!

We ran into a few farm chicks in town...the gals of Grandiflora in Lynden veteran shoppers they were kind to give us newbies some tips & tricks! I'm hoping to visit their shop when we are up north for cousin Jakes' wedding in July! 

just a few highlights and a purchase that I'm loving...

love these ruffles

 The owner of Vintage Barn with Kelly...she was wheelin' & dealin....the windmill in the background was a great purchase made by Kelly! I think she would have taken home most of this girls booth if we had more room in the car! 

"lil' boy blue".....nuff said...he's in my living room and he's FABULOUS!

Maybe I should tell the whole we were probably the 30th people in line with an estimated 5,000 people to attend the show.  I was pretty excited to get first pick of some great items, however when you offer less than the price in the first hour of a show...your going to get shot down pretty quick!(At least I learned that real fast!) I guess it's like a boy asking the prettiest girl in school to the prom when she doesn't even know his name. You don't have a chance... (sorry that's the best example I could think of...and I'm a dork!) I found a really neat old chicken crate all wood, it would have made a perfect coffee table, so I offered less...what I thought was fair and I was turned down....then I moved on to another booth...same thing...then I fell in love with "blue boy" and I offered a little more than I would normally...and I was once again shot down. See there were another 4,999 people who would be coming by and seeing "blue boy" too! I chatted with the owner, she was really nice...then I continued my shopping. But I just didin't see anything that measured up to lil' boy blue as I call him now!

As I walked around the show the anxiety began to build...did I just drive 5 hours, stay overnight in a hotel....get up earlier than I would normally to wait in line for over 2 hours to not return with anything I really loved? That's when I decided I needed to give another go at lil' boy blue so I headed back to Junebug and offered Gladys every last penny in my wallet...I literally told her I loved the painting and I wanted it so bad that I would empty my purse for it! And I DID!!  She was so sweet she said yes and the rest is history!

If I had another purse to empty I would have brought this old car home too!

I returned home Saturday night tired and beat from driving and talking with my buddy for 5 hours straight...we had a few years of chatting to catch up was Great (no man would have survived the constant chatter in the car...did i mention it was great?)

But I must say I have the best man ever, when he opened the trunk of the car and locked eyes with lil' boy blue...he laughed and this what you bought? Then he hung it up for me the next day...I only had to beg a couple of times!

ooh here are my new hunk-o-wood end tables all shellacked up and purdy!

It was a whirlwind weekend and
this is one tired chick!