Friday, June 10, 2011

Spa Treatment

It has not been a Glamorous week on the farm.
Tuesday evening I was putting the girls away for the night and noticed Gordie was on the floor and not on the perch like the others. She was squawking and walking funny, well she had fly tape stuck to and wrapped around both of her feet! Fly tape is the worst. Little did she realize she was having a spa treatment called a “wax” and any wanted or unwanted hair in the way would soon be removed with the fly tape…sorry that your first waxing was so traumatic Gordie!
Yesterday LuLu had a lil chicken spa time. She had what my sister calls  “dingleberries” on her bum and they needed to be cleaned off! So off I went to the barn with Gloves a bucket of warm soapy water & TIM!!  Thanks baby for helping me clean the dingleberries…you’re the best! So LuLu had a little soak in the tub and personal scrub and now she’s good for another year! (We all hope!)

Did you know that that 1 cup of cooked egg will provide you with 34% of your daily value of Protein?

waiting for leftover pancakes this morning

A lil 5k run around the field to burn off their pancakes

Happy Friday!

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