Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is coming and soon we'll be getting our camp-on!  I'm looking forward to heading to one of my favorite camping spots that is right near one of my favorite junk spots (how convenient)!

 I bought a few pieces of Crap really neat junk that haven't been touched since I bought them last year about this same time.Yikes! How can I justify buying more junk, if the junk I bought last year is still untouched!!

Yes, I just posted a sideways photo...I think you can get a better view of this piece, maybe it was part of a mantle at one point. I hadn't done anything with it because of the hole in the middle.

I really like the scrolly ends, so the plan has been to make it into a headboard for a bed. But it isn't really long enough, so I painted the bottom half and hung it on the bathroom wall instead.
Now I think I'll add a few towel hooks then demolish & completely remodel the remainder of the bathroom so it will match my new decor! Ha!

 And here I am attempting a "pleated poppy" move for what I wore Wednesday. Okay maybe next Wednesday I'll have something cute to wear & I'll try again!
  My lil one is showing me her painted fingers, aren't they cute?

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  1. You have such a great eye Jeanna! I would have never seen the potential for that've got real talent!