Friday, July 8, 2011

a lil of this & a lil of that

Wow I have some junk to share! I've been enjoying my fam & the sunshine! Many of you know already I've been doing a lil of this .....

with a lil of that..

mmmhhhmmm I did "trot" in a lil 5k over the 4th and had fun, so much that I'm looking forward to another so that I can improve my time!

I did get a chance to stop into my favorite shop near our camping spot and I had to make 2 trips!! I took a few pics of just a small amount of  the shop...It is a business with a house full of junk ( new & old mixed) with a yard full of stuff, 2 smaller buildings full of great finds and another tent out back and the list goes on.....

Wow I'm already looking forward to shopping here again next year!

I did make a purchase and stopped in at a flea market on the way out of town.....that's a whole different day and a different story!

We returned from our camping trip to find our hens in happy condition ...thanks to our Great Neighbors!

Sadly these antlers were not ready to come off... and you know I have a thing for antlers!

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  1. Your campsite is adorable and I want to visit that shop! Love your blog, Jeanna! Come to the beach :)