Friday, May 13, 2011

teeny weeny itsy bitsy lil polka dot...egg!

Yesterday one of the girls layed the cutest lil egg, I just had to share some's hardly bigger than a grape!
Here is the tiny lil thing among some monster eggs. The egg crate is a favorite gift I received for Christmas from Crate & Barrel.

Oooh here is a super cute egg crate you can find at NEED this!

My 5 yr old modeling the itty bitty with a monster egg!

        Any guess as to what is inside that tiny egg??????

No Yolking's all egg white!

There are a few names given to no-yolkers....."dwarf", "wind" and.....wait for it....."fart" (of course that one is our family favorite). The fart egg is usually produced by a young hen whose production has just started. Our hens have layed about 3 fart eggs over the past year as well as 3 "jumbo eggs" of which 2 had double yolks.   I hope you enjoyed your EGG  Fact Friday!



  1. Oooooooooh -- I love the egg crate from Anthropologie! I SOOOOOOOO need to get one!

  2. Of course you do! Then you need to bring your lil guy up to get some fresh eggs for your new egg crate!:)