Monday, May 23, 2011

This old Bench

 This old bench has family history! In the photo below (taken in about 1955) is Tim's Great Grandpa, George Snyder on his farm in Indiana.  George was a farmer of crops, cows & pigs (sounds like a lil of everything ;)

George Snyder with dog "Jack"

 Grandpa John Snyder on the same bench, outside his hen house in 2002

Tim's grandpa, John, was a tool and dye maker and had a Great old home in Indiana. The two times I visited, I recall seeing Tim's Grandpa sitting on this bench & thinking how sweet it was (he & the lil bench). Also on those visits I had a hard time sleeping....because I was imagining all of the ways I would paint & decorate his house!  After the sale of his home, the bench ended up being stored in the loft of our barn....I just couldn't let it sit up there all's just too sweet! Someday soon it will be outside my father in laws' house, but for now... I love the history & love that it's sitting in our sunroom!

Curious about that Great old house? You can view renovated photos at ...  it's now used for parties & events.

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  1. What a neat story Jeanna! Is this the relative that used the same pan to fry his eggs?