Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sister on the move!

Some people are stayers and some people are goers (read go-er J)   ….my sister's a goer  drawn to the sunlight & sand and I guess that makes me a stayer rooted in the dirt and rain….
even though I sometimes despise the rain, it means home to me. This is home to her too, but she’s a risk taker we learned years ago in a game we played on Thanksgiving Day …… I think it was called “would you rather” and given the choice …9 out of 10 times i swear she would take the risk!  So she's on the move...
Thanks Dikemans for providing the VW Bus for this pic ( oh i mean accidentally leaving it unlocked in our driveway!)

 If I've already made my sis sound like a we have proof eh? Okay she's really not a hippie and she's not taking a huge risk, she's being a responsible adult and their family is moving to Florida for a new job. Ya really can't get much further in the U.S. than a move from Washington to Florida.

Lydia & I decided our hearts will be broken when they leave.  Our two besties are going to be too far away.
lil besties!

The Good news is that the goers are moving to a vacation spot...and stayers can vacation!! And Goers can always come home ....because stayers will always be here!

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