Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Baby it's cold outside and we are in the Christmas mood! We are decking the halls with a few less "decorations" this year and a little more greenery we brought home from our tree trip to the mountains!

a lil bird's nest works well with nearly every season

I went picking in our own barn and found this chippy white shelf...I cleaned her up with a TON of bleach water and set her up as a boot shelf in the sunroom.

a closer look at this perfect chippy-ness obtained by years of just sitting = love it!

okay now I'm just shoving branches in any old thing!

I finally found the perfect spot for the metal number from an old stadium scoreboard, it's a heavy beast and it will do fine if a coffee cup is spilled set on it!

Here's what we are reading for fun this Christmas

..........and a pin to pinterest that I had to copy!

Pinned Image

how cute was that?
Tim wrapped our bike with white lights & I love it!

I'm enjoying the little moments that can't be planned like overhearing my kids tell baby jesus to "behave" or tell the wiseman they need a haircut ( when they're playing with the nativity set). And how about when the kids decorate the tree and all the ornaments end up on one branch! I hope this lil branch makes it until Christmas!

Hope you're enjoying the little moments that make the Christmas Season so Special!

Im linking up with The Inspired Room for her Christmas Home many fun homes to check out!


  1. I love using fresh greens from the yard. Love pinterest too.....cute bike! Love the touch of vintage in all your pictures.
    Merry Christmas

  2. I love your simple decorations. I used to set Christmas books out every year but haven't in awhile...I'm going to remember to next year! ;) Love love love the bike!! :) How fun!

  3. Thanks for stopping by on the tour of homes Ladies!

  4. Love the bike with the lights on it - how fun!!

    Merry Christmas!