Thursday, December 22, 2011

stocking stuffers

Please don't get your kiddos a puppy for Christmas are 10 reasons why you should stuff their lil stockings with baby chicks instead!

1. Chicks are so cute!

2. You can mail order chicks and they'll arrive at your door.

3.  They only cost around $2.00....pure bred maybe $4.00

4. They won't tear up your carpet or shed in your house...they are outdoor peeps.

5. They don't wake you up in the middle of the night to potty

6. You can use chicken feathers as down or maybe make a sweater with them....can't say that for a dog.

7. When the love wears off in say a week...there are no hurt feelings. Chickens really don't care to sleep at the foot of your bed or with your kids...they want to perch & poop.

8.  Ya don't see people composting dog poop.....but Chicken poop works great in compost for your yard. 

9. Chickens lay eggs- a great return on your investment..i mean gift.

10. If the economy gets any can always eat em! (okay, that's Tim speaking...I wouldn't suggest this)

Here is our Chicken Nugget as a lil peep...the perfect stocking stuffer!

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