Thursday, December 1, 2011

As promised...a pinterest knock-off!

Okay just one lil sample of fun I had copying a "virtually free" ..idea from pinterest into real life!

A lil sidenote for anyone who's new to is like an online scrapbook, it replaces the old way of storing things you plan on making, buying, doing, baking etc. instead of ripping pages from a magazine, you're now "pinning" them on an online sort of cork-board.

 Well it's addicting & the amount of creative people & ideas on pinterest are simply flabergasting. So now that you get the idea, I'm taking the things I've pinned & finally making them for myself!

here is what i've pinned....

I wish I could give credit to the crafty person who did this...but I don't know who it was.  I'm sure they wanted me to copy them. Yep, pretty sure.

Here is my Outdoor Christmas Decor version of this

Everything I had sitting around the house...rotten old window check....mason jars, tea lights, wire & cranberries check & done...the screw was already in the wall too. That WAS Fun!!! Oh so pretty at night too!

Pinned Image

My mom & I saw this mossy saucy wreath and she made a mini for me!

For some reason, pinterest is by invite only, so if you'd like an invitation...leave a message in the comments with your email & I'll send you and invite. There is no $$ required or anything hokey they want from you!

More Christmas Decor to come....we still have to decorate our tree that my husband moved mountains to get to...seriously! We drove into the hills to get our tree...of course the road Tim wanted to take had these caution looking signs blocking the road. Apparently that doesn't mean STOP & DON'T GO THIS,  to Tim it means the best trees are right this way. So we drove around the caution signs....with the big ole truck.  Until we reached this small obstacle..

Thankfully it was a small rock fall & didn't continue while he was moving the boulders. This was not smart. Do not try this yourselves.

later we both thought this may not have been a good idea...what if more rocks fell & we couldn't get back home. Again, not a good idea. But the sun was shining on us that day and we had a great time searching for our tree!

And you just can't beat this view of Mt.Rainier or Reindeer as Levi calls it!

Happy Friday & Happy "Pinning"to you and yours!


  1. Oh, this is so much fun! Thanks for keeping us all informed! Of course Tim would move the boulders. I'm pretty sure he brought back part of the mountains just to get a "free" slate walkway in the old backyard. Always amazed me what Tim could lift.

  2. Rachael! Thanks for reading! I had forgotten about that walkway....I'd love another one of those!