Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas recap & a chicken treat

Well a belated Merry Christmas to All!
 Our family really enjoyed our Christmas Eve Canndlelight service...remembering the reason Christians celebrate Christmas afterall.
 That lil babe born in a manger that came so that we might be saved. It is a precious message and so much more powerful to me now that I am a mom, I couldn't imagine my son being the sacrifice for all.

So we Celebrated Jesus' Birthday and we enjoyed time with family! How fun is it to watch your kiddos open gifts and see the excitement on their faces? Every Christmas I'm reminded that I don't need anything...the joy of watching my kids is a wonderful gift!

We Celebrated first with Tim's family where my Mother in law Cooked up some very tasty Lamb for us

isn't that beautiful?

On Christmas day we ventured to My Parents where the food (Butt Cut & Crab) was equally as yummy!

Mom's table

lil birdies nesting in her Chandelier

....and her beautiful Christmas Mantle!

So now you know where I get the urge to dump the things I have and start over...there is literally something new every time I go to moms, it's like going to the pottery barn but getting to stay for dinner!

...and a lil gift for the girls this week a fresh baguette!

Big Momma in Flight

Blueberry savoring her bread

Barrel racing for the best piece of bread

Don't Leave...there's more!

Since I skipped what i wore wednesday..thought i'd show what Lydia wore this week!

Outfitted by both Grandmas...Rapunzel Dress, Hair & Crown!

Hope you're all enjoying lazy days in jammies like we are!

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